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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Custom Tie Dye Creations

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I have always enjoyed crafting. Creating something and seeing someone enjoy what you created is pure joy. After having the opportunity to tie dye a few masks the summer of 2020. I was instantly thinking that I wanted to make more. After all, tie dye is my favorite color.  It took me a little bit to convince my family to come on this journey with me.  


We ordered some masks and bought a kit at the local retail store. We probably did everything the wrong way, but we had fun. The masks we created on that journey are available in our launch series. To be completely honest I wasn't excited about the masks. I wanted better and I wasn't ready to give up. So we ordered just 3 sizes of shirts. I found some better dye. Well the results were impressive enough to me that we decided we wanted to keep making tie-dye.


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